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Women's contemporary brand providing premium apparel at affordable prices with inclusive sizing.



In today’s fast-paced fashion industry, many apparel brands prioritize hitting trends quickly over producing high-quality garments. This emphasis often leads to the creation of cheap, poor-quality clothing that sacrifices durability and craftsmanship for short-term profitability. Instead of investing in materials and skilled labor, these brands opt for mass production and cost-cutting measures, ultimately resulting in garments that lack longevity and satisfaction for consumers. As a result, the market becomes flooded with disposable fashion, perpetuating a cycle of overconsumption and environmental impact.


At varria, the customers and the quality of product is always top priority. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to ensure longevity and timeless appeal. How it can be worn and why, is what drives each piece into fruition. Taking a no fuss approach, varria first launched their Core Collection which consists of elevated essentials that provide good quality, core staples for your closet in foundational colors of black and white.

Varria is dedicated to offering high-quality, premium apparel featuring inclusive sizing at competitive prices.


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Brand Name: varria



Usage Guidelines: For media mentions, articles or anywhere the brand name would be printed, please use the above brand name to accurately represent the brand identity. Brand name should be showcased in all lowercase letters.

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